Leadership Committees

The people of Trinity UMC believe that in order to be the Body of Christ, we must have each member in ministry through involvement in purposeful service that matches their gifts, talents, and strengths.  Below our the UMC Discipline required committees with the addition of Fund B.

  • Church Council

    The Church Council is responsible for envisioning, planning, implementing, and evaluating the mission and ministry of the church. Major issues affecting the direction of the church are brought before the Church Council.

    Committee Members
    Lay Leader, William Bartelt
    Lay Member to Annual Conference, Steve Shoemaker
    Church Council Chair, John Lakey
    Recording Secretary,  Jennifer Claybaugh
    Board of Trustees Chair , Danny Glass
    Staff-Parish Relations Chair, Bill Waller
    Finance Chair, Connell Jones Church
    Treasurer,  David King
    Church Insurance Liaison, Donna Lakey
    Fund B Chair , Jeanette Trusty
    Church Historian, Bill Bartelt
    Communication Team Leader, Josh Claybourn
    United Methodist Women President, Susan Keach & Barbara Matzigkeit
    Wills and Legacies, Brian Williams
    Godly Play Director, Cara Gile
    Missional Leaders: Marlene Waller, Jessie Higgins, Pat Ingram, Marcia Au, George Payne

  • Board of Trustees

    This Board is charged with the care and maintenance of church property on all campuses (real, personal and intellectual) and holds title to the church’s property, buildings and equipment. Key items include establishing policies and practices regarding church property, disaster planning, land acquisition and construction planning.

    Committee Members
    Chair: Danny Glass
    Marlene Waller, Phillip Hooper, Mark Clark, Krista Williams,
    Dennis Au,  Ron Halmark, Shane Muncy, Pete Zinn

  • Committee on Finance

    The Committee on Finance constructs the yearly budget of the church and frequently monitors the financial climate of the church.

    Chair: Connell Jones,

    Judy Kicklighter, Ron Faust, JoAnne Miley, Joe Weil, Kathy Schernekau, David Childs, Glenn Claybaugh, George Payne, Cathy Renner

  • Fund B

    Fund B oversees the release of funds to enable lives to be changed through various ministries in the Evansville area.
    Chair: Jeanette Trusty

    George Payne, Sheila Kennedy, Jeanette Trusty, Karen Jones
    Sharon Turpin, Sherry Darrell,  Kathy Bartelt

  • Nominating Committee

    This group functions as one of the personnel committees of the church. Whereas the Staff Parish Committee deals with the paid staff, the Nominating Committee deals with the volunteer staff. The committee matches people’s gifts with particular areas of services in the church, thus enabling important ministries to take place. This group also acts as a support system for our lay volunteers.

    Chair: Rev. Gile, Lay Leader: Bill Bartelt

    Mandy Allen, Charlotte Knapp, Joyce Godeke, Sandy Shanks, Cindy Weil, Cindy Graham

  • Staff Parish Relations Committee

    This group is designed to encourage and support the pastors and staff of the church. It deals with all matters of employment.
    Chair: Bill Waller
    Barbara Williams, Mary Linzy, Linda Lockyear, Bill Knapp, Sherry Darrell, Charles Marshall