wedding3We are excited about your big day, an event that may influence the quality of the rest of your life. We are happy to help! If you are interested in having your wedding at our church let this note help you take some steps toward this goal. If you do not have a church home in/or near Evansville, we would be very happy to provide you with our church for your marriage. Member or not, we would like to make our historic church available to you for your special day


Trinity United Methodist Church’s main sanctuary capacity is 400 people. The sanctuary is complimented with the beautiful stained glass Lily Window at the back of the balcony (a wonderful place to take wedding photos). Our Wick Organ is in the front of the sanctuary and is the ideal accompaniment to your worship service. We also have a Steinway grand piano that may be used if you so choose. The bride and her attendants will have the parlor in which to dress and hang their gowns. The groom and groomsmen will be down the hall in another dressing area. You may schedule a walk-through of the church by calling the office and our Wedding Coordinator will meet you at the church to show you our facilities.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Once you have selected the date you desire for your wedding, you need to contact the church office (812-423-4495) to see if the pastor and the church are available on that date. You may schedule well in advance of your anticipated date. All weddings must be scheduled at least four (4) months in advance of the date. The day will be confirmed and held for you once your deposit and paper work has been received in the office. Click here for a wedding application.

Your responsibilities (once the date is confirmed) will be to contact the pastor, the organist, your Trinity Church Wedding Coordinator no less than four (4) months prior to the wedding to schedule your appointments with these individuals. The church office will not be involved once your Church Wedding Coordinator has been assigned.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Our Lead Pastor also holds a Masters in Counseling with an emphasis on marriage and family. He is delighted to counsel with couples who are planning on marriage. The pastor will work with you in planning your service of marriage and will additionally counsel you in the importance of a Christian marriage. You will need to schedule these sessions well in advance of your chosen date of marriage. It is YOUR responsibility to set up these appointments with the pastor once the date has been confirmed and the deposit has been received by the church. It is recommended these begin at least four months before the wedding date.

Church Wedding Coordinator

Trinity United Methodist Church provides you with a Wedding Coordinator who will help in making your wedding at Trinity the day you always imagined. Our Coordinator will be present at the wedding rehearsal and approximately two hours before the wedding to assist with anything that may come up. When you pay your deposit, you will be given contact information regarding the Wedding Coordinator. You will want to schedule a time to meeting and discuss your plans. Your Coordinator will meet with you prior to the wedding rehearsal to solidify all the details as they pertain to the wedding at Trinity United Methodist Church. Their job is to assistant and advise you on decor and process. Other wedding coordinators are welcome, but it must be stated that Trinity’s pastor and Wedding Coordinator have the final say and decisions as they pertain to the wedding and the church.


A Wedding Music sheet will be attached to your scheduling paper work. Trinity United Methodist Church reminds couples that music must be appropriate for the worship setting, some secular music may be suitable for the rehearsal dinner or reception but not for the worship service. Trinity will expect the staff musicians to play for the wedding, or if they are not available, they will arrange a guest organist.


It is important for a couple to hire a photographer who has good references and who appears to be professional in their demeanor and abilities. The photographer will help determine whether your wedding day is carefree or stressful. It is necessary for the photographer to have a conversation with the pastor prior to the wedding day. If he or she will not be in attendance at the rehearsal then a call needs to be made to the pastor prior to the day of the rehearsal.

In general, flash photography cannot be used during the actual service. Exceptions are made for the processional and recessional. After the processional the photographer is to be unseen by those attending the wedding service. We want the wedding couple, not the photographer, to be the focal point. The wedding couple needs to caution their family and friends regarding these concerns. With a professional photographer on the scene the use of personal cameras needs to be limited.

Flowers and Decoration

Trinity’s Wedding Coordinator is prepared to offer advice on flower arrangements and placement. Bouquets or other items are not to be attached to the pews or doors with tape. The Coordinator can offer help on how to display these items.

Rice, Seed, Etc.

Bird Seed ONLY is allowed and only outside the church building.


Bulletins for your ceremony are your responsibility.


The rehearsal date and time are stated on the scheduling form given to you at the time of the selection of your date. The rehearsal will take approximately one hour on the evening before the wedding. Please bring your wedding license to the rehearsal.

Building Access

Our building may be accessed any time during office hours, the week of your wedding (unless services are being conducted in the building that week.) The church office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You will want to phone ahead of your arrival to be certain you may be able to utilize the room you wish to work in.

Additional Information

You may bring in refreshments for your group, however; the cleanup is your responsibility. No food or drinks are permitted in the chapel or sanctuary at any time. Trinity United Methodist Church is not liable for items left on our property.